Food Donors

Food Donors

We have 50+ Food Donors ranging from grocery stores to restaurants to food distributors to local non-profits! Want to know more about who donates food or are you  interested in becoming a food donor?

Click here if you have a food donation and have not previously worked with us!

Grocery Stores

Our most common donor is grocery stores around the region. Every day grocery stores have food that they take off the shelves because they no longer want to sell it. Whether that is because it is reaching its sell-by date, it is the last of the product they are selling, the packaging is damages, or any other number of reasons. Usually this would just be thrown out but we send volunteers to grocery stores to rescue this food every day of the week. If you are a grocery store that currently throws this food away every day or even just a few days a week, reach out to us:!


Whether the restaurant is a small local business, or a chain restaurant there is always something to donate. For some restaurants these are items in the freezer that they can no longer sell, orders that were never picked up, or meals that they decide to make to serve their community. We have some amazing restaurant partners that really stepped up during the pandemic to make meals just to give away to those in need.

Food Distribution Sites

Did you know many of our Food Distribution partners are also food donors? With the lack of predictability in the amount of food our partners receive when getting rescued food, there are times when the donations are overwhelming and are not needed by the one site. When that happens we send volunteers to redistribute that food to other nearby food pantries so everyone can share in the bounty of that donation and to make sure nothing goes to waste!