Food Distributors

Food Distributors


We distribute food to schools mainly via two methods: Food Share Tables and our Backpack program. Food Share Tables are simple: students leave excess or unwanted food at a specified location in the school cafeteria (packaged food, cartons of milk, or whole fruits). Other students who may be hungry can take an item from the Food Share Table. At the end of the day, surplus food could be used to support after-school activities.

Through our Backpack Food program, we currently provide weekend food to students at over 50 local schools. This food currently helps to support hundreds of families throughout the school year especially during weekends, holidays and school breaks. 

Food Banks and Food Pantries

Our most common distribution partners are food banks and food pantries. Traditional food banks are open at regular business hours several days per week and serve those in the area who need food assistance. Food pantries allow access to those for a few hours on certain days of the week. Pantries can be found in a standalone buildings, in churches, on college campuses, and in sharing space with a community non-profit.

Mobile Home Parks and Housing Communities

Work obligations, transportation issues, and other barriers can make it tough to get to food banks or pantries on a regular basis. By working with the staff at housing communities, we are able to provide rescued food to residents who need food assistance right where they live.

You can be a #FoodRescueHero too!

At Northern Virginia Food Rescue (NOVA-FR), we believe that access to quality food is a fundamental right, not a privilege. We welcome partnerships with other nonprofits that share our commitment to distributing healthy food options to those in need. Whether your organization specializes in community service, health and wellness, education, or any sector that touches on the basic human necessity of food, there’s a path for you to become a Food Rescue Hero too! By joining forces, we can extend our reach, maximize our impact, and ensure that no one in our community goes hungry. If you are interested in helping distribute food and becoming part of this life-changing initiative, please don’t hesitate to contact us.